About Us


Lucky for Rick it’s not just his handsome good looks that matter in providing the service he does. Rick started Shutta Ya Place. He is a Licensed Building Supervisor and has been in the Home Improvement Industry since 1999. He has worked for most of the major home improvement companies at some stage in the areas of Carports, Verandas, Garages and Roller Shutters.

Too long encountering the frustration from overcharged, under serviced customers who felt forgotten once the big boys had taken their deposits. Rick decided to start Shutta Ya Place in 2007 with the focus on what the big boys were missing. ‘Actually’ listening to customer needs, personal service, timely installs, quality materials, pride in workmanship and at a fraction of the cost.

YES the people quoting the job will be there putting it up and the same person doing any repairs should they need it, so we make sure we get it right the first time!


Max was born with a tool in his hand and spent many a holiday break earning his pocket money putting up verandahs and shutters. He learnt from an early age the value of doing the job right the
first time.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously BUT your project we are dead serious about.Take the stress out of your project and leave the hard work to us.Looking forward to the opportunity of meeting with you face to face.

Meet the rest of the Shutta Family


Qualified boilermaker, builder and chargrill expert.


Why isn’t it named Larissa Ya Place ?


Chief K9 and toddler wrangler


Our weekend warrior PM.


Customer relations and social organiser.

Dusty and Grillo

Tool looker afters and ball chasers

Unlike your project. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. 😀